ippohub currently focuses on connecting people and talents within Facebook. We run the project as not-for-profit. Instead of paying to Talent Owner, we donate the amount to designated non-profits.


As of August 2017, ippohub is running based on not-for-profit. Instead of sell-and-buy, we ask to donate the amount of Talent Experiencer’s choice to the Non-Profit Organisation of Talent Owner’s choice.

Our main focus of this project is to connect: Connect talent-to-person, person-to-person, person-to-organisation, person-to-culture, person-to-unknown…



  • flexible
  • face-to-face
  • personal
  • closed loop (Facebook)


  1. Talent Owner decides a suggested price for an hour. This will be the suggested donation amount per hour.
  2. Talent Owner picks a couple of non-profit organisations which she/he supports.
  3. Talent Experiencer decides the amount of donation with referring the suggested donation amount per hour.
  4. Talent Experiencer donates the amount of her/his choice to one of the non-profit organisations of Talent Owner’s choice.
  5. Talent Experiencer sends in a copy of her/his donation receipt to ippohub.


NOTE: If you feel uncomfortable donating directly to a non-profit organisation, you can choose to send in the amount to ippohub. ippohub will gladly and securely donate your amount to the designated organisation and send you back the receipt to you as the evidence of donation.