What is it?


ippohub is the marketplace for hidden talents. Show and find unique talents! The concept is pretty simple. Firstly, you search a Talent and just find out if any event is scheduled for the Talent at the Schedule. “ippo” means “one-step” in Japanese. ippohub aspires to be your first step to reveal and experience unique hidden talents.


ippohub spotlights Talents outside of the main stream. They are not yet known or popular because of slow acceptance by the Swedish market or simply cultural differences. According to Little Big Malmö, there are already 170 nationalities living in Malmö. Why not utilise this opportunity to experience “it’s a small world” in Skåne?


“Recapture your childlike sense of wonder and awe. View the world as a magical place.” ippohub was created with the help from many Friends with various values! Understanding other cultures and values starts when you become curious to know them. ippohub aspires to present various values in front of your eyes as if you were walking through a world bazaar! (more…)

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It all starts with when you "reveal" your "hidden" talents. We want to know who you truly are! Share your talent in Instagram with #ippohub

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