What is it?

ippohub is the market place for hidden talents. 

  • ippohub aspires to connect those who are eager to share their hidden talents and curiously experience such talents.

  • ippohub spotlights "hidden" talents which are not revealed because of lack of official certification or just ordinary in their own cultures. Your uniqueness is a talent!

  • "ippo" means "one-step" in Japanese. A step a day will take you to the mountain top! 
  • Our service provides you with a flexible, face-to-face and personal approach for the local friendly community. Be connected!

  • Important! As of August 2017, ippohub runs based on not-for-profit within Facebook. Visit our Facebook page!

How it works?

Find / Share

Look for interesting Talents? Want to share your hidden Talents? Visit our Facebook page or send us a message!




ippohub currently focuses on connecting people and talents within Facebook. We run the project as not-for-profit. Instead of paying to Talent Owner, we donate the amount to designated non-profits.




Users are based on your or your friend’s Facebook connections. Are you curious about friends’ hidden talents?


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